Volterra, San Gimignano and the Nature Reserve of Castelvecchio

A "classic" tour that includes two of the most beautiful medieval towns of Tuscany: Volterra and San Gimignano. But beware: the stretch of road from Castagno down to the Era river crosses one of the less contaminated areas of Tuscany, especially in the morning. It is not uncommon to see wild animals crossing the road (such as squirrels, wild boars or deers). Once at the river, with high Volterra in front of you, you can choose to visit it or to continue towards the sea. We propose that after a short visit to the city you head inland, so you can cross the Castelvecchio Nature Reserve visit the ruins of the medieval village that gives its name. Then San Gimignano with its towers and beautiful landscapes, and then, again, Montaione.

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