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The farm La Scopa stands on a hill in a place of extraordinary scenic beauty and landscape integrity , inside the Protected Area of the city park of Poggio all'Aglione . Run by the Cioni family that cultivates 2.10 hectares of vineyards and over 750 olive trees. The vineyards are located between 320 and 380 meters above sea level and are grown Sangiovese, Cannaiolo, Cabernet Franc, Malvasia and Vermentino.

We will be very happy to arrange with guests olive oil and wine tastings directly from the winery with explanations of the stages of production.

The wine
From the winery's vineyards are produced around 100 hectoliters of wine such as Chianti DOCG, IGT Rosso and Bianco IGT, obtained through the use of modern techniques but in the respect of traditional methods of vinification and aging , keeping the entire production process inside the farm, from the grape harvest to the marketing with direct sales in the cellar.

The Oil
The extra virgin olive oil IGP Toscano is obtained from hand-picked olives from 750 olive trees, cold pressed in traditional local mills. The olive varieties are typical of Tuscany: frantoio, moraiolo , leccino , pendolino etc., which mixture offers an extra virgin olive oil of unmistakable balance and elegance.

Azienda agricola La Scopa via Tre Ponti 29 50050 Montaione (FI) - Tel. 0571 697892 - 0571 697674 - fax 0571 696905
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